Stay in a traditional japanese house or in a modern apartment during your sojourn and discover daily life in Japan in a unique way ! Ideal for leisure or business trips and short to long-term stays, STAY JAPAN’s accommodations allow you to have a deeper experience of the local culture.

We aim at all times to provide you with conveniently located apartments, houses or inns at the best price, so that you can enjoy Japan to the fullest !

To be able to offer a private lodge or vacation rental in Japan, you first need a license from the local government. STAY JAPAN a vacation rental platform that only accepts vacation rentals that have such license and publishes them on its PC or smartphone website for listing and booking. Currently, private lodging started in Japan’s biggest cities Tokyo and Osaka, but is already preparing to launch nationwide.

Why vacation rentals?

Staying at a vacation rental, you don’t need to calculate unnecessary costs like always eating out or going to laundry shops into your budget when you are traveling for a bit longer time. Cook at home, wash your laundry at home and save money by paying a room fee and not per person.
Perfect for group travelers, friends and family who want to stay in the same place while traveling. Next to vacations, private lodges can also be useful for longer business trips, training or job hunting journeys that bring you in town. Or maybe you are more an event traveler visiting a comic market, an international conference or are just someone moving houses and looking for a temporary place to stay.

In any case, by staying at a vacation rental you can still enjoy all the positive aspects of having your own private individual space even while traveling.

Legalised private lodging

Private lodging is not like hotels or ryokan but offers more features and equipment like kitchens, washing machines, and basically everything else you need for a daily lifestyle prepared for travellers in a free apartment or house!
This kind of lodging used to be problematic with the Japanese law, but was recently legalised for everyone to participate in, but with conditions.
Lodges at STAY JAPAN are confirmed licensed vacation rentals and distance themselves from accommodations that overseas’ illegal lodging services offer.

Special economic zone

The Special economic zone law regulations article 13 (exclusion of the hotel business law adoption) builds the base for legalised private lodging.
In January 2016, Tokyo's ward Ota became the first region in Japan to apply these new laws and officially started taking in license applications for private lodging vacation rentals.
Starting in Tokyo, the enforcement of the law is going to spread through the country to areas like Kansai and Kyushu and brought to you only here, at STAY JAPAN. (Status: March, 2016)

Budget hotel

This form of private lodging is defined by the hotel business law article 3 and permits it by taking a budget hotel business license. Budget hotels are places like capsule hotels which could come into existence through that deregulation, but soon, it will get even broader and will include private lodging and so become possible in a lot of places in Japan.
We at STAY JAPAN want to support this type of lodging as well.

Farm stay

This type is as its name says about lodging at a farmer's or fisher's place.
For several years, TOMARERU, Inc. has been offering stays at farmer's, forestry worker's and fishermen's houses in a desire to enhance interaction and experience exchanges between city and country people.
Following the launch of its private home rental service STAY JAPAN, TOMARERU, Inc. decided to focus more on providing agricultural and rural life experiences to foreign tourists, as a means of discovering Japan in a unique, genuine way.
As a matter of fact, the parent company of TOMARERU, Inc. , Hyakusenrenma, Inc. was the first Japanese private company to be authorised in the "Agricultural, Forestry and Fishing Workers House-inns & Public Accommodations" sector.

Event private lodging

During big event like the Awa-odori festival, international conferences or alike, hotels and ryokan tend to end up fully-booked so that additional travellers are left without no place to stay. In this case, private lodging can be a solution.
Tomareru Inc. often works together with the Japanese government to find private lodges during event seasons and help travelers to find find a suitable accommodation anyways.
Since event private lodging is legalised on several restrictions and regulations, we ask interested hosts to contact us in advance for more information and support.

Problem-free stay

Tomareru Inc. is working hard to make sure travellers and hosts have a carefree and stressless time during the stay.
Our system was made based on the laws and regulation concerning hotel business, so that travellers and hosts don’t have to worry about any legalities or be concerned.


During your stay, travellers and hosts are both covered by STAY JAPAN's lodging insurance.
In case the traveller should happen to break some of the equipment or get hurt, he or she will be covered up to 3 Million Yen. Accidents caused by defaults inside the apartment or house, the host will be covered up to 10 Million Yen(damages or thefts covered up to 2,9 Million Yen).

For more info visit this page or contact our support.

Check in and out

To fulfill all the necessary safety standards for private lodging, host will be checked by the local governments and the travellers need to identify themselves during check in and out.

24h support every day

“Private lodging? No, I'm not sure”... For everyone who has concerns of staying in someone else’s place, we offer our 24/7 support call center to help you with all your questions or troubles during your stay, both in Japanese and in English.

Room listing
To list a property at STAY JAPAN, you need to sign up first (free).



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