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Can everyone list an apartment or house?

In case all conditions are fulfilled, everyone can rent his space according to the Japanese law.

Renting a property to travelers is possible in the following two ways:
1.) Get a ryokan (lodge) business permission
2.) In case your property is located within the special economic zone you can make use of article 13 and get a special license from the nearest local government office and do not need a ryokan business permission. Since quiet a lot of problems occur when private persons apply for this permission, it is rather difficult o get one as a private.

What do I have to do to list my space?

First, to be able to list your space, you need to get a business person authorization according to the special economic zone regulations article 13.

You can get the business person authorization at the responsible city health department's accomodation registration office of your property. STAY JAPAN can help you gather all the necessary documents and support you during the application. Please contact us fore more details.




Where is the special economic zone (SEZ)?

Currently, the following areas are counted in the SEZ:

Tokyo area (Tokyo metropolitan area, Kanagawa prefecture and Narita City in Chiba prefecture)
Kansai area (Osaka metropolitan area, Kyoto metropolitan area and Hyogo prefecture)
Niigata City (Niigata)
Yabu City (Hyogo)
Fukuoka City (Fukuoka)
Okinawa prefecture
Semboku City (Akita)
Sendai City (Miyagi)
Aichi prefecture

When can I start accommodating travelers? Where does it start?

Private accomodation of travelers can be started in areas where the law regulations were established.

"Whether the law regulations are carried out or not depends on the local governments in the areas of the SEZ. For more information, please contact us.
For example in the Tokyo area, the 23 wards, the Tama area, Tosho, Hachioji city and Machida city are engaging in the SEZ law program. In the case of the Osaka metropolitan area, authorizied areas are Osaka City, Sakai city, Toyonaka city, Takatsuki city, Hirakata city and Higashi-Osaka city (Out of 43 municipalties in the Osaka area 37 are designated in the SEZ - that inculdes also Suita city with is close to Shinosaka station and Izumisano city which is in charge of the Kansai International airport)."



STAY JAPANは日本国内の民泊掲載/予約サイトですので外国の物件を登録することはできません。


国家戦略特別区域法の対象区域内においては、一般の民家でもSTAY JAPANへの登録が可能となります。


ホテルや旅館の部屋についてはSTAY JAPANへの物件登録は可能ですか?


旅館業の営業許可を受けた日本国内の物件であれば、地域に関わらずSTAY JAPANへの登録が可能です。




Can I list a property that I am renting myself?

Whether you can sublease your space depends on your rental agreement.

Generally, property owneers forbid to sublease property. Therefore, please check with your landlord or your rental agreement first.


法人、個人を問わずSTAY JAPANに登録可能です。

法人、個人を問わず、自治体の認可を受けた物件であればSTAY JAPANに登録可能となります。

STAY JAPANに掲載するための必要要件はなんでしょうか?

登録物件が宿泊施設として合法であることに加え、オーナーのSTAY JAPANのアカウントが存在し、ユーザ及び物件に関する必須項目を入力済であることが必要です。

1. STAY JAPANのユーザとして登録している
2. 登録したい物件が日本国内にあり、旅館業の営業許可を受けている、または特区民泊の対象区域に属し、自治体の許可を受けている。
3. ユーザーがプロフィール画像を登録している
4. 物件情報の入力必須項目を適切に入力している


Can I receive booking requests via phone or fax?

No, notifications about reservations and request messages can only be sent my email.

STAY JAPAN is an internet service and is fully operated through emails and the internet. Unfortunately, we cannot offer notifications vie phone or fax.

Do I have to charge the room fees from the guest directly?

No, there is no need for you to do that.

Instead of the host, STAY JAPAN will charge the guest with the room fees, so there is no need for you to take any other actions. Since the guest will pay with a credit card, we can also collect the cancelation fees according to the cancelation policy and make sure there is no significant risk for you.

When do I have to pay you the service fees?

We will substract the service fee from the room fees you earn.

We will substract the service fee from the room fees you earn when we transfer your earning at the end of the next month.












簡易宿所の営業許可を受けた物件はSTAY JAPANに登録可能です。

How much should I take for initial costs?

The costs should depend on the room conditions.

You need to provide all the necessary room facilities like beds, furniture, household electronics, amenities, a key and alike. You can also make use of our service at STAY JAPAN and let us take care of all the arrangements. Please feel free to contact us about this.

How much can I earn?

Compared to regular rental rates, you can earn more money by renting your space at STAY JAPAN.

Generally, the price for night staying at your place should be consider higher than a regular rent. Therefore you should earn more money through your offered service.

I own an old house from the Edo period which I would like to list at STAY JAPAN. Can I consult you about its renovation and alike?

Yes. Please contact us for further steps.

We at STAY JAPAN ask our hosts to manage renovations and provide furnishing and equipment themselves, but we can introduce you to some of our consulting and renovation partners. Please contact us for more information:

Can I edit or manage my reservations with my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can.

To manage your completed reservations, we also offer a mobile version of our service on smartphones and tablets.
For every other action, we ask you to use our PC-version.

Where can I set the room prices?

Go the the price conditions of "edit rooms" and you can set the room prices there.

Click on the room title in "my rooms" and go to the price settings on the left side. From there you can change your price conditions.

Can I set a special room price on specific dates?

You can add special prices for weekdays, weekends, certain dates and discount offers for long stays.

Go to "edit rooms" and then to "price settings" to edit your room charges. Use the calendar to set prices for special dates.







How can I change the pictures of my room?

You can change them on the "edit rooms" page in the room details sections.

Click on the room title on the "my rooms" page and proceed to the photo settings on the left side. To upload photos, select the files and drag and drop them into the designated field. Upload the files and safe your changes.

Is there a limit in rooms I can list?

No, there is no limit.

Right now, there is no limit. If possible, we would like to ask you to list several rooms.

How can I check my own rooms?

You can see all the rooms you listed at STAY JAPAN under "my rooms" at the top of the page.

If you click on the title of your room, you will be able to see and check its details.

Is there a service where you can take pictures of my space for my page on STAY JAPAN?

Hosts that made use of our furnishing service also receive photographing.

At STAY JAPAN, hosts that made use of our furnishing service also get pictures of their space for their page inclusively as part of our lodging website serice. Only taking photographs is not possible.

I don't understand all the steps of the property listing and would like to have a manual to download.

Please contact us.

Our team at STAY JAPAN will help you with all the necessary steps.


STAY JAPAN保険の範囲内で補償することが可能です。

STAY JAPANでは、宿泊時のトラブルに対してホスト/旅行者それぞれに対応する保険に加入しています。トラブル発生状況をお聞きしまして、こちらの保険の適用範囲内にて補償いたします。被害が発生した場合には、お問い合わせください。(引受保険会社:東京海上日動火災保険株式会社)
「STAY JAPAN」の旅行者会員様向け保険について





I have around 20 rooms and do not want to list each single one. Is there a way to display how many rooms are left like on a hotel booking page?

No. You have to list every single one each.

Please list every single one of your rooms seperately. We apologize for any inconvinience.

How can I know that I received a reservation?

We will notify you of the reservation and its details with an email, so please check your inbox.

Next to the reservation email, an notification icon will appear on the top page of STAY JAPAN after you logged in. When you click on the icon, you can take a look at the reservation details.

What happens to booking requests that I forgot to reply within 72 hours?

They will be automatically canceled.

In that case, you check the cancelation of the booking request in your messages on the website. Please be so kind to cancel the reservation immediately in case you cannot accept the booking request to let the guest know in advance.

Can my room be overbooked?

No, it can't.

After a reservation was confirmed, our system will now allow any other bookings and auto-lock the room for further reservations on the booked dates.