STAY JAPAN is an accommodation booking service that offers stays in a variety of unique places, including apartments, condos, modern houses, and traditional Japanese houses.

Our accommodation booking service doesn't offer the usual lodging facilities such as hotels or ryokan inns. Instead, we allow travelers to place reservations with more unique places, such as apartments, condos, modern houses, and even traditional Japanese houses. You'll get the full Japan experience that usually only locals can enjoy!

Here at STAY JAPAN, our hosts have put a lot of care and attention into preparing the best possible rooms for their guests. Select the room that best fits your stay and enjoy a relaxing vacation at a reasonable price!

How many languages do you support?

We offer support for Japanese and English.

Currently we only offer support for 2 languages: Japanese and English. Going forward, we plan to add support for more languages.

What is your policy regarding the handling of personal information?

The STAY JAPAN website is operated in accordance with the privacy policy of Tomareru, Inc.

Excluding affiliated companies that have signed a confidentiality agreement with us, STAY JAPAN and parent company Tomareru Inc. will not disclose personal information for any reason other than its intended purpose without the express consent of our users. We believe in protecting your privacy, and we comply with all laws, national guidelines, and all other regulations regarding personal information.

Information security is of the utmost importance to us. We carefully monitor our systems to ensure no leaks of our users' registration information. In addition, we use a firewall and a network intrusion detection system to block any unauthorized access.

Can I browse your site on my smartphone?


Our site is compatible with your smartphone and tablet devices.

I'm having trouble navigating the site. Are there any system requirements?

Please check our recommended OS and browser requirements.

If you encounter navigation issues such as buttons not working, try using STAY JAPAN with the following recommended web browser and operating system combinations:


Windows 7/8/10
macOS 10.9 or above

Internet Explorer 11.0 or above (Windows)
Latest version of Safari (macOS)
Latest version of Google Chrome (Windows/macOS)


iOS 8 or above
Android 4.2 or above

Safari (iOS)
Google Chrome (Android)

*as of May 2016

Does STAY JAPAN require the host's approval for reservations?

Yes. STAY JAPAN uses a reservation request system.

At STAY JAPAN, most of our rooms are personal residences. We therefore use a reservation request system. First a notification is sent to the host to request use of their space. The host must then approve the reservation. (Your credit card will only be charged once the reservation is approved.) Please note that for some rooms, reservations may be approved immediately. Please refer to "What is Instant Book?" for more.