To those who are reserved

To those who are reserved FAQ - Overview

To those who are reserved

Can I change the social media accounts connected to my account?

Sure! Just disconnect your old account, sign into social media with your new account, then reconnect. Here's a helpful guide: 1. On STAY JAPAN, go to Profile > Password and set a password. 2. Click Connect Accounts, then click the button to disconnect

(Added 12/13)

How do I place a reservation?

After you log in, go to the room's page to place a reservation.

Follow these steps to place a reservation:

1. Log in to STAY JAPAN. If you haven't registered yet, do so now.
2. Choose the room you'd like to book. To search for rooms, click the search button at the top of the site to search by region, duration of stay, number of guests, etc.
3. Once you decide on a room, make a reservation request. (Please note, your reservation won't be confirmed just yet.) To make the request, you'll need to provide your check-in date, check-out date, duration of stay, number of guests, and credit card info. In some cases, the host may wish to contact you to confirm your identity.
4. If everything looks to be in order, the host will approve your reservation. Now your reservation is confirmed!

Note: For some rooms, reservation requests may be confirmed immediately. For more information, please read "What is Instant Book?"

What do I need to place a reservation?

You'll need a credit card to pay for the room. Also, you may need to verify your identity.

Note that you must pay by credit card. In addition, some rooms may require ID for identity verification purposes. To verify your identity, upload a photo of your ID on the User Verification page. Please note that it usually takes one business day to confirm identity verification documents.

What is a reservation request?

When you want to place a reservation, you make a request directly to the room host.

After you enter all the necessary information (duration of stay, number of guests, etc.), you can place a reservation request to the host via the STAY JAPAN site. The reservation is only confirmed once the host approves it.

What is Instant Book?

Instant Book reservations are confirmed immediately after being placed.

Our site is built upon a reservation request system. Normally, a reservation isn't officially confirmed until the host approves it. However, reservations placed at rooms with Instant Book will be confirmed immediately, with no host approval needed.

Can I place a reservation over the phone?

Unfortunately, reservations cannot be placed over the phone.

Reservations can only be made via the STAY JAPAN website. Please register an account, then make a reservation from the room page.

I went to make a reservation, but the charge was higher than the room rate. Why?

In addition to the room rate, there is a STAY JAPAN processing fee.

When you place a reservation, you will be charged the room rate plus a STAY JAPAN processing fee.

I placed a reservation, but I haven't received a confirmation email!

It's possible the host hasn't approved your reservation yet.

The host has 72 hours to approve your reservation. After that, the reservation will be canceled automatically. Incidentally, you can also cancel the reservation request yourself. If you're under time constraints and don't have the time to wait for the host's reply, you can go to the reservation details page and cancel the reservation. Don't worry - your credit card will not be charged.

How do I use a coupon?

Enter the coupon code when making a reservation.

When you place a reservation, you'll see a "Coupon Code" text field. Type in your coupon code, then double check to confirm that a discount has been applied to the total.

What happens if I use a coupon, but have to cancel that reservation?

The coupon will apply a discount to the cancellation fee.

If you used a coupon to book, your cancellation fee will have the same coupon discount applied.
For example, if the room rate was 10,000 yen and the cancellation fee is 50%, but you also used a 2,000 yen coupon, the fee would be calculated like so:
(10,000 yen x 0.50) - 2,000 yen = 3,000 yen.