STAY JAPAN is an accommodation booking service that offers you to stay in a traditional japanese house or in a modern apartment and discover daily life in Japan in a unique way. Ideal for leisure or business trips and short to long-term stays, STAY JAPAN’s accommodations allow you to have a deeper experience of the local culture.

We aim at all times to provide you with conveniently located apartments, houses, inns and other accommodations at the best price, to ensure you an enjoyable and worry-free travel experience.

All owners wishing to rent out their properties in Japan must first obtain an official license from the local government, to ensure that their property complies with the new legislation requirements. By making a point of accepting only licensed accommodations, STAY JAPAN ensures safety and peace of mind to all its users. Currently, the private rental sector is mainly developing in Tokyo and Osaka, two of the country’s largest cities, but the government is already planning to expand it further to offer private accommodations throughout Japan.

Why vacation rentals?

Renting a private property allows you to enjoy the comfort and convenience of a fully furnished and equipped house, even on a trip. Forget unnecessary costs and expenses, just like at home you can cook and do your laundry anytime, for free.
You travel in a group with your family or friends on a small budget? No worries, prices are quoted per room, which means that the more you are, the more money you save.
Perfect for group travelers, friends and family who want to stay in the same place while traveling. Next to vacations, private lodges can also be useful for longer business trips, training or job hunting journeys that bring you in town. Or maybe you are more an event traveler visiting a comic market, an international conference or are just someone moving houses and looking for a temporary place to stay.

Whether you are on a business or leisure trip, moving houses or looking for a temporary place to stay, vacation rentals allow you to have your own private individual space, even far from home.

Stress-free stay

At STAY JAPAN, we work hard to ensure you have a most satisfying stay, and a stress-free experience when booking your next accommodation.
That is why we are committed to following the Japanese lodging laws, so that we can always provide you with a safe, and reliable service.


During your stay, travelers and hosts are both covered by STAY JAPAN's lodging insurance.
In case the traveler should happen to break some of the equipment or get hurt, he or she will be covered up to 3 Million Yen. Accidents caused by defaults inside the apartment or house, the host will be covered up to 10 Million Yen.

For more info visit this page or contact our support.Traveler insurance


All properties registered on STAY JAPAN have been officially approved by a local government body and are certified to meet the safety standards. The identity of every host and guest is also verified.
Since STAY JAPAN is the only service to offer all the different kinds of certified accommodations available in Japan, travelers can choose between a large variety of high quality accommodations, and enjoy a stress-free stay.

24/7 Support

You have any questions or concerns? Our customer support service is available in Japanese and English via email (24/7/365) or phone (24/7) to answer all your questions regarding private home rentals and assist during your stay.

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